01 Oct

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog! I go by dewognatos on the pagan blogosphere, a blog I’ve remade a few times, under various spellings of the above. This is the current incarnation, and will be devoted to Gaulish polytheism, reconstructionist paganism, devotional art and writing, and discussion of my own personal practice and UPGs.

The facts are as follows, in no particular order (brace yourselves, it’s long):

  • I am a Gaulish Reconstructionist Polytheist. That means I worship the gods of Gaul, am a hard polytheist (see all the gods as individuals not a conglomerate), and worship in a historical manner.
  • I identify with the terms pagan, polytheist, and reconstructionist, but not revivalism. To me it just has too many political connotations I’d rather avoid.
  • I’m a US-based pagan, currently living in the Pacific Northwest and previously based in the Boston area. Local spirits are important to me, but I am not interested in being appropriative about it. I may write about place-spirit stuff and urban animism a lot.
  • Ancestor worship is important to me, but because it is so personal I’m not likely to write about it a lot, except in the context of holidays and festivals.
  • This blog is pop-culture pagan and magic friendly, and part of my personal practice. I may write about that here some, but I am also going to make extra blogs to discuss some of the pop-culture things that don’t overlap with my Gaulish recon.
  • This blog is therian and otherkin friendly.
  • This blog is written by a trans and queer polytheist and therefore will probably be blogging a lot about queer paganism and welcoming of it. This blog is asexual, aromantic, and grey-asexual friendly. Basically I do not endorse bigotry particularly LGBTQIA+ bigotry on this blog.
  • I do a lot of visionary work and meditations, which usually end up filtered into art, music, and writing. Any fiction you encounter on the blog is going to be based in UPG or personal theories, and should be taken as such.
  • My main deities I honor are Taranis, Maponos, Grannus, Sirona, Bormo, and Taruos Trigaranus, as well as many other gods of Gaul and Celtic Iberia. My practice currently is better described as Gallo-Lusitanian, which ties into my ancestor stuff a little, but like I said, those practices are very personal and might not be written about much. I don’t really do devoteeism, but instead pray to the gods most relevant to my current situation, so I probably have at least given offerings to most Gaulish gods at one point or another if not had personal experience with them.
  • I will do my best to cite my sources for every educational thing I post, and will do my best to differentiate between UPG and research. Some things fall into a middle ground of crack-pot theorization about research. I’ll probably tag these with #UPG, #personal theories, and something like #research or #citations or #resources (haven’t decided).
  • Please do not reblog my UPG or fictionalizations as if they were fact.
  • If you use any resources I have put up, like frameworks for worship, lists, or resource posts, please give me a link!
  • Accessibility is important to me! If my blog theme or formatting gives you trouble, if you need me to tag anything specific, or if I am writing too academically to be easily understood, let me know and I will fix it!
  • I am happy to answer questions! They can be about personal experience, UPG, research topics, whatever you want to learn about. Leave a comment or a note and I’ll try to get to it. However, please do not expect me to be human google. I am not going to do all the legwork for you, rather point you in some directions to continue research yourself and get you on track to develop your own personal practice. If someone abuses this ability I’ll stop responding.
  • Comments on this blog are moderated, mostly to avoid any hatred or bigotry or bullying, so be aware of that fact!
  • I will never, ever, participate in the culture of aggression in polytheist/pagan/witchy communities. If you have questions, don’t understand a concept, or need help, please know that you can message me here and I will respond as kindly, calmly, and helpfully as I possibly can. As you can see above, my blog aims to be accessible, is welcoming to PC witches/pagans, therians, otherkin, queer pagans, etc. and I want to keep this a safe space for anyone who wants to learn about and engage with Gaulish polytheism. Let me know if you need any help!

In terms of structure, my plan with this blog is to have a different category of post every day, themed around traditional western associations to the days of the week. I am also planning on making at least one or more pop culture pagan/magic themed blogs, which I’ll possibly link from here if applicable. I’ll post the schedule for blog posts once I have developed it. Questions, however, will be answered whenever I am able to comfortably write a reply, and not rely on the schedule. Special times of year, like holidays and calendar dates, will also be outside of the normal schedule.

That’s about it! Welcome to the blog, and I hope you enjoy posts to come.


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9 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Filipa

    October 3, 2015 at 11:14 pm

    Hello Arrin! I’m Filipa, one of the gaulpols in the hipchat. I hope it’s ok for me to follow your blog! 😀 It was mentioned on tumblr otherwise i wouldn’t know infortunately. I’m very interested in your future posts. When you defined your pratice as Gallo-Lusitanian… do you have family from Portugal? 🙂


    • dewognatos

      October 3, 2015 at 11:30 pm

      Hello Filipa! I’m sad that we haven’t had a lot of time to talk yet! I love your blog a lot! 🙂 My dad’s grandfather was from Portugal, and I think his mother was too. I know what town he was from, but since my grandmother died, and I don’t know that side of the family that well, I don’t know any relatives still over there even though I probably do! That’s one reason I felt pulled towards Lusitanian gods and history, to be closer to that part of my family history and my grandmother, since I remember her talking about Portugal pretty often (though not detailed memories! I was pretty young the last times I saw her). I don’t talk about it in the hipchat all that often because of how closely it ties into ancestor worship stuff for me, but lately I’ve noticed more gods present, which has been really nice and comforting.

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      • Filipa

        October 3, 2015 at 11:37 pm

        Thank you! That’s so nice! I’m portuguese as well. You should visit it someday if you have the chance. It’s a nice country despite its economical problems. I’ve never dealt with any lusitanian gods, the closest to my native gods i got is Matres Brigiacae i call on my prayers. But it was while researching about them that helped spark my interest in Lugus.


        • dewognatos

          October 3, 2015 at 11:43 pm

          I would really love to at some point! I am working on learning Portuguese, also, but slowly. My experience with the Lusitanian gods started with Endouellicos, probbly because I started with ancestor reverence and he has underworld associations, but lately I encountered a god I think might be Durio (which confuses me a little, because I live so far from his river!). I am excited to read more about your experiences with Lugus and the Matres Brigiacae. 😀


          • Filipa

            October 3, 2015 at 11:52 pm

            Well, if you ever need some help with portuguese you know where to ask :b
            I’ve read one of your tumblr posts about the gods in your pratice. When i read it and saw the names of lusitanian gods, i was excited because is so hard to find anyone that interacts with them!
            Oh, Lugus and Matres. It’s going well…. 🙂 Specially with Lugus, Matres are still a bit of a mystery to me. You know, a lot of the stuff is more internal than external so it becomes hard to talk about it…


          • Filipa

            October 3, 2015 at 11:55 pm

            Ahhh, i read in your old blog (sorry i’m the type of person that reads a whole blog if it interests me) a post of you talking about the Lugoves and Matres. But you tagged it as Mysteries so i don’t know if you’re comfortable talking about it but i was deeply curious because i see there’s some association between the cult of those two.


            • dewognatos

              October 4, 2015 at 12:05 am

              Thank you! I hope you don’t mind if I answer both comments here. If you would ever like to comment in Portuguese here you are welcome to, I’ve gotten pretty okay at reading it! Speaking it and writing is a lot harder, though, so I’ve been thinking of taking lessons.

              And yes! I remember reading about that! I was definitely curious about the connection, but I haven’t done anything with it in a while. I wish I could remember what I meant… I’ll try to find the original post, maybe that will bring back my memory! I would love to talk about them, though, here or on Skype or Hipchat or wherever you’d like best. 🙂

              I know what you mean about internal vs external, and having trouble talking. Sometimes it’s hard just to find words. That’s why I like doing music or art, it makes things easier!


              • Filipa

                October 4, 2015 at 12:45 pm

                Ok 🙂 I may do it. I think portuguese can be more tricky perhaps than english when it comes to writing? You have accents in words and the phrase’s structure is also different. But you should know that better than me 😉
                I’d love to keep talking with you too in group or privately i don’t mind 🙂 I bet i would learn a lot!
                Yeees, art ❤ I wish i could draw my thoughts into the paper in a proper manner. Sometimes i write too.


  2. Filipa

    October 4, 2015 at 12:49 pm


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